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A short video remixing photo assets with

Tags: public domain, free culture, creative commons, lessig, remix

Beety Boop FUNK

My Movie 1.mp4
Exploring the idea of space exploration

boy's imagination.jpg
This remix shows a boy drawing his imaginations

Betty flies to Japan to do a show, and sings the title number. She then dons a kimono, and sings it again in Japanese. (

Assignment 3.jpg
All images taken from public library or records

The College Clock.jpg
Collage of the life of a college student and what is to come after graduation.

LHZ-DTC101 project 3 (1).jpg
A remix of pictures of drawing and tapestry, historical photos, and pictures from today; serve as a light political satire.

Play on Eyes
Bookbindings meshed into a collage of moving still images. One still image in the middle that stands out to the audience with the whole picture bordered to focus into the middle of eyes.

Gathering Darkness.mp4
In this remix/short film you will see and hear the opening attacks and atrocities committed by the Nazi and Japanese forces in World War 2. The sounds and sights are uncensored, providing the full immersion into the events that unfolded. It attempts…
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